The One Type of Window Treatment that Makes Your Home Worth More

Add True Appraisal Value to any Property

Plantation shutters, more than any other window covering, are an amazing investment in your home. They are timeless, they are elegant, and they are the only window treatment that you can invest in for your home or even commercial space that will in fact add real appraisal value. This includes window treatments that have high end motorization, which are really convenient when integrated with Alexa home. These too are great products, but they still don’t add appraisal value to your home. Only plantation shutters can make this claim.

They just make a statement. They really do. Whether you need shutters in Boise, Idaho or Park City, Utah, people are going to be familiar with plantation shutters and be willing to pay more for a home that has them.

Are Plantation Shutters Energy Efficient?

Do they help keep out the sun’s heat? Absolutely. Wooden or Poly, they’re not only rated for UV protection, but also heat. And because of their construction, and particularly on the polycor side, they are so well engineered that they do in fact, improve the energy efficiency and reduce heat in the home. shutters.

Wood vs. Polywood vs. Polycor

Wooden Shutters

For decades and maybe even centuries, plantation shutters have been made from solid wood. Wood is fairly susceptible to both heat and humidity. However in Mountain States like Wyoming or Idaho where humidity is low, and where the average temperature is lower, wooden shutters will easily operate and look good for a lifetime.

Polywood Shutters (Faux)

For high humidity locations, polywood is a great solid plastic for faux shutters. In terms of strength and weight, wood is stronger and lighter, and less hard on hinges and other components, but polywood plantation shutters are typically less expensive and hold up in humidity indefinitely. They are durable, tough and very long lasting. In drier climates, these solid plastic polywood shutters are your best option for smaller shower and bathroom windows.

Polycor Shutters

Polycor engineered materials are still relatively new. What makes them different is they’re made out of an engineered product reinforced inside with steel and metal. These shutters come with a very aggressive limited lifetime warranty on their construction. They are the best you can buy if you live in a more humid environment and don’t care about the wood look.
Small children could hit these with toys, you could run them with a vacuum cleaner, and other things like that, that just happen in ordinary everyday life, and you’re not going to compromise or affect these shutters. The finish is guaranteed for 25 years, meaning they’re guaranteed not to chip, fade, crack, or become discolored. And I would say 20 years ago when this whole phenomenon of polypore came out, that was not the case. A lot of folks were disappointed with the outcome after a few years because they would start to discolor and not uniformly, they would discolor unevenly. You get those kind-of yellow blotches. Not anymore. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore when you choose the right polycor engineer material. If you have the ultra light version they can be really low maintenance. These are the most expensive options, and great for the right location. For homes in the Mountain West, wood is going to look great for 50 years or more. If you need shutters to last longer than that, this is an option you can consider.

Lead Times That Won’t Discourage

For new construction homes, one of the things that worries people is going without window coverings for months while waiting for their plantation shutters. This is one reason that some don’t get plantation shutters. Who wants to go months without window coverings? But this isn’t the case with companies like Mill Creek Shutters which manufactures and installs shutters for Utah and Idaho homeowners. Don’t feel like you have to invest in some interim inexpensive blinds. Their shutters are manufactured right in northern Utah, and operate on a daily basis in the major metropolitan Areas Like Salt Lake, Boise, Provo, Twin Falls, and the Idaho Falls – Pocatello corridor. Lead times are typically just a few weeks, and if a few key shutters are needed first, then it isn’t necessary to install the shutters all at once.