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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Realtor to Buy a Kelowna House

August 14, 2017 admin 0

Buying a Kelowna House with a Realtor

Are you looking to get your own Kelowna Neighbourhood home and have no idea how to start? Well, there are many misconceptions flying around. The main one, however, is that you can save a ton of money by looking for and negotiating the price of a house without enlisting the services of a realtor. While it is possible to get yourself a good deal, there are many reasons you should use a realtor to buy a house. Here are five.

1. Pricing expertise – Most realtors are able to determine the real value of a house just by looking cursorily. They can know if a house is over- or underpriced. A realtor will help you save time by leading you to the properties that match your needs. In addition to the huge data on local properties, their experience on neighborhood transaction trends is an advantage you really want to exploit.

2. Handling the paperwork – People who’ve bought homes will readily admit that they have a whole shelf dedicated to the documents that arose from the transaction. In most instances, handling the paperwork is tiresome. However, when you hire a realtor, you not only cut on the time you spend on the documents but also reduce oversights that arise from unchecked
boxes and submitting incomplete documents.

3. Finding appropriate available properties – While most homes available for sale are listed on websites, a good number of properties from covert sellers are only known to realtors, therefore, hiring the services of one to buy a home broadens your search as well as the available property choices that are open to you.

4. Code expertise – Aside from the primary purpose of providing shelter, you may buy your house with a few other secondary uses in mind. For instance, the front parlor of a house situated on the edge of the business district can also serve as a candy store. However, this is only possible if the zoning ordinances allow you to use the house in that manner. Realtors have all these bits of information and will be happy to advise accordingly.

5. Counter closing problems – Certain pitfalls can kill a transaction only hours before closing. Examples of such pitfalls are unclear
titles, delayed financing, and incomplete renovations. Using a real estate agent helps you avoid such issues since these professionals can identify and sort the problems well in advance before they kill the deal.
You can shop for and buy a house unaided but remember that hiring a realtor when buying a house hastens the process and eliminates any problems you may meet along the way.

6. Refer Good Contractors-Your Realtor works in the community and knows the good businesses that can help you prepare your home for your family such as  Plumbers, Home inspectors, Carpenters, Movers, etc.



Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Realtor to Buy a Kelowna House